mycelium /mʌɪˈsiːlɪəm/ (biology; mycology) the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a network of fine white filaments (hyphae).
In more complex environments, hyphae contact genetically compatible hyphae and combine to form collectives. The mycelium thus develops a dynamic network structure that enables a hierarchy-free multidirectional exchange with all connected mycelia in the system.
WORLDING MYCELIUM is an experimental center of excellence for sound art, performances, transdisciplinary art practices, and telematics. Mycelium’s Worldings connect people, critters, materials, spaces, and disciplinary fields, promoting formats of sharing through telematic space-times and bridging geographically distant spaces via the internet.
Since 2018, Mycelium has been creating and facilitating transmedia, performative art projects to raise awareness about contemporary environmental and social issues. As a network of interdisciplinary participants, we craft experimental, aesthetic, and poetic experiences that merge art, science, civic engagement, and technology.
Our strengths lie in transdisciplinary projects featuring multimedia productions, telematic performance formats, education, and research.
From 2024, as organizers making worlds with technical agents and within real-digital intra-net-spheres, they enable innovative translocal worldings at curatorial, organizational, technical, and conceptual levels.
HannaH "Vyborg* Walter, artistic direction
Robert Torche, artistic and technical direction